Reread prior writing on your work, including Studio 1 & 2 assessments or your Honoursthesis. Make a list of the keywords, terms and phrases used to build a specific vocabulary foryour project.
Look at your work and respond by thinking of descriptive words and phrases.

Develop two lists.

The first relates to the form of your work and should include the various elements and qualities of your artwork, including media, materials and methods of making.

  • Digital Handmade objects: 3D Printed & Modelled.
  • Handmade objects: Life Casting, Reappropriated Objects, Installations. Sculpture.
  • Digital Art: Computer based designed images (Moving & Static)
  • (Acrylics and Oils)
  • Mixed Media Drawings: Collage, Ink, Charcoal, and pencil.
  • Life Drawing (Ink, Charcoal, and pencil on paper)
  • New Technologies: (Online development & design, AI, 3D Printing & 3D Modelling)
  • Photography: Conceptually driven photographic practise (Portraiture and scenes)

The second list should relate to your work’s content or subject matter, including what you are trying to express, find out, investigate, or convey.

  • Capturing Trans and Queer narratives living in Australia.
  • Self-Reflective, retelling of my lived experiences through self-portraiture.
  • Queer(ing) Australian culture & customs.
  • Identity Politics as systems of power.
  • Power of Visibility and it’s failures.
  • Multiplicities of self-imaging vs self-identity.
  • The material Queer body in space and time.
  • Activism of diversities.
  • Being counted.
  • Celebration and pride in diversity.
  • Reclaiming agency in representation.


Create a PDF that combines your word list with 5 10 images of projects you producedduring your Masters Course.

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