During the this project  there was much frustrations, much lost and many found. Searching for for the trans methodologies of self imaging as a feeling I found we cant go past how much being seen is powerful. Exposing oneself, nude, naked, vulnerable.But the power of the embodied materiality of trans body that is out the dysphic understandings of the Trans body Рbeing seen is power even more especially today with all the politics happening around the trans existence. So the final work developed through my initial idea, just recreating that old image but embracing my new present self. That no longer identifies as male or female Рit goes past representation of the gender binary.

Recreating the old work, wasn’t just a process to look over my past, but also capture my present.

  • Nikon D700 – 18-200mm
  • EOS 8000D – 50mm

*Please click the images to view in web formatted file.


Moving Image –“Frustrations”

This is how “frustrated” and frantic I was feeling at the time of doing this project. The fear of becoming the subject was also playing heavily on my nerves. Nut this work go past that, as a passing Trans Masc body, I feeling unseen, unheard and disregarded from even my on community.

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