I reverted back to this image from the series “Body Count Two”, a site specific series at Kings Beach. The mirror effect in sand and distance of the bodies breaking the horizon line best aligns more closely to my research. It best represents the investigations, showing “Representation as bodies in process” (Bolt, 2004).

This Photographic Series was created to bring awareness and visibility to Trans and Gender Diverse Hate Crimes in Australia.  A series that resolved into a memorial coinciding for Transgender Remembrance Day (TDOR). Which is a globally recognised annual day, that falls on 20th Nov marking a day to honour and remember Trans and Gender Diverse people around the world, who have fallen victim of Hate Crimes. 

The projected was developed after reading the article, called: Why is it so hard to work out how many transgender people have been murdered in Australia?” I found myself frustrated, angry and sad that Australia has not progressed in changing many of the fundamental laws, policies and procedures that were made in a past when our Australian Culture discriminated and vilified anyone who was different. Now inherently resulting in the continued systematic erasure of data, records and histories of Trans & Gender Diverse Victims of Hate Crimes.

This project also speaks about  my own personal stories of vilification, discrimination, and violence that I  faced over my life whilst living differently in Australia.

Further research redirected the project into a social awareness series, that represents the many unmarked graves of Hate Crime victims in Australia. The victims, whom even today are nameless and uncounted. People who are forever marked as silence victims, erased in death by our Australia social, legal and governmental systems.

In life and in death, all of us, all Australian’s have a right to dignity and visibility.

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