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As a Visual Activist, my aim is not just to bring awareness of Queer, Trans and Gender Diversity lived and living experiences to mainstream audiences but also to bring visibility for people who identify as Queer across Australia and Worldwide.


The aim of the updates was to bring consistency across my main website, social media, and project websites. This is achieved by consistency in branding across all sites and bring the viewer back to my main site.

Main artist site atmosphere and tone is based on Pride and Celebration. As my work is bright, I like the aesthetics of the website with having a black background. Each website theme is designed to give a platform for the works but giving consistency with branding.


Reworked existing Websites + Project websites + Social Media Profiles.

  • Branding Consistency across all online platforms – Artist Logo & Brand Colours.( Pink #ff1493 Green #a1ff38 Blue #71beff)
  • Removed any outdated pages and blank categories
  • Removing empty Menu Buttons in Main Website.
  • Added Manifesto to main artist website.
  • Consolidating menu to be more targeted.
  • Added Project and Virtual Arts journal to publications.
  • Added PowerPoint “Lecture Queer Death Ecosophy” by Professor Patricia MacCormack to publications.
  • Made all links go into a new page.
  • Updated all Artist statements across all websites.
  • Installed & Configured SSL Certificate to Virtual Arts Journal.
  • Added Current Projects to Projects page on Main Website.
  • Changed Menu to be more user accessible across all websites.
  • Changed font to more modern fonts in both “Multiplicities of Pride” & Virtual Arts Journal
  • Branded across all website same colour branding based on Ethan Kristy Artist logo (Pink “ff1493” Green “a1ff38”)
  • Across all websites cleaned up and rearranged menu’s.
  • Redirected all contact me pages to main website contact us form.
  • C.V Updated.
  • Added Cache to all websites for better speed with High Res Photos.
  • Changed “Preferred Pronouns” to more active voice “My Pronouns are:” which aligns to the new current trend of speaking in an active tone not passive. Refer to
  • Complete WordPress updates and backups. (Having outdated websites without SSL is unprofessional but also against Australian Web Standards)
  • Updated Theme “Multiplicities of Pride”
  • Developed a cleaner gallery for each page of “Multiplicities of Pride”
  • Cleaned up posts in Instagram Artist Profile.
  • Checked websites for mobile compatibility and various screens via
  • Subdomains created with redirects for social media links so I can keep a visitor log of who is going to my social media pages from my websites.

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