Is an American artist. She has worked in performance, photography, video and digital art.

What is real? This is the research around which the works of Signe Pierce develop, a very young American artist based in Los Angeles who creates installations through photography, video and digital art.

Often the protagonist of her works she investigates the paradoxes of contemporary society, many times also using her own body as in American Reflexxx, a cult video that has allowed her to reach stardom even overseas. The film, made with Alli Coates, is a work that brings out all the aggression and frustration that lies behind the well-being and hilarity, clearly only apparent, of the American people.

A very crude work, which arouses in the viewer conflicting sensations and leads to really reflect on what can and cannot be real, what's real? and why ?!

Signe Pierce's works and performances have been exhibited at the New Museum in NY and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and NY, at the end of the month she will be at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris while for her next interactive performance she has chosen Milan, specifically the local Q21 where on 23 October from midnight during the evening q | LAB equipped with a futuristic headdress equipped with an Iphone will interact with the public by filming herself and what surrounds her, the shots will become part of a short film that the artist will bring on show.

It will be a unique opportunity to interact with Signe Pierce becoming an integral part of a contemporary artwork and delve deeper and deeper into what is and what appears in the modern era. A question that may never have a single answer but that is undoubtedly worth addressing.


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