The Trans* SUPERHERO: Affirming Gender Identity through Kids Toys.

Based on previous handmade and digitally made objects / figurines, this series looks at representation as an affirming and reparative approach envisioned through children’s toys. Trans*/ TGD Superhero figurine/s. is created with NEW Technologies in Digital Editing, AI  & 3D Technologies.

Online Project Site:


  • Identity Politics.
  • Body Politics.
  • Self-Identity.
  • Heterosexuality: “NORMS”
  • Social Construction, norms taught through narratives of the Superhero / Kids story telling.
  • Historical Monuments / Sculptures / Figurines.
  • Narratives / myths created about Trans* people in children’s story telling.
  • Popular Culture.

Examples: He-Man, Superman, Super girl, Wonder Woman. X-Men. Barbie.

Previous Works / Projects:


  • Masters of Universe: The story on vinyl.
  • Comic Book Illustration.
  • Trans* Bronze Sculptures: South Australia.
  • Sculpture: David.
  • Myth & Narrative: Red Riding hood and the Wolf.
  • Barbie: The Movie (2023).
  • “BLOCKED”: ABC Doco regarding Trans Kids affirming health care in Australia.

Ethical Considerations:

  • Representing the diverse multiplicities of Trans* / TGD identities.


  • Project Time constraints.
  • Figurine Scale – Limits of 3D Printer.
  • Music box / Play me Button.
  • Custom made Plinth / Light Box.
  • Hand Painted: 3D Model Paint.
  • Material: PLA or ABS?
  • 3D Modelling.
  • Sound Recording / story telling of the Trans Superhero narrative. Starts playing, motion sensor activated/ speakers on repeat / QR Code link to sound recording.
  • Digital Design / Posters of Characters

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